6'0" California Shortboard

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The all-around shortboard. The California Shortboard has enough volume in the front providing adequate float when the waves are small, while maintaining the classic shortboard profile for when the waves pick up.

The California shortboard rounds out the quiver. It's a classic thruster – three fin – setup, with a generous amount of rocker providing excelllent maneuverbility allowing tight turns when required and nice drawn out turns when the face is wide open.

Includes: 6''0" Shortboard and Thruster "three" Fin setup.

Board Dimensions: 6'0" x 20.5" x 2.75"

Additional $150 for shipping within the Continental USA. It does not ship to Hawaii or Alaska. 

Located in South Bay/Beach Communities of Los Angeles. Email pksurfcalifornia@gmail.com to arrange pickup.